A Visual History of the Orlando Magic (Store).

1 08 2007

These are before and after pictures of the Orlando Magic “FanAttic” (get it?) store that opened in 1997 and then closed in 1999 and has sat basically empty ever since (apparently some company rented it for office space for a couple years). They are finally knocking it down to widen I-4 (or something like that).

Everyone had an opinion about it ranging from “it looks like a bomb shelter” to “it looks like the world’s biggest time capsule” to “why would anyone drive downtown to buy the same overpriced stuff that they sell in their other 12 stores”. But I always liked it. I liked seeing the giant logo window every time I drove past on the drive from the airport to my parents’ house. Oh well. At least they are building a new arena. Let’s hope it stays occupied longer than the FanAttic. [Source: Orlando Sentinel]




One response

2 08 2007
Tootsie Roll

So I was there a couple of years ago when it was being rented by a landscape architecture firm. The inside was awesome and they left a bunch of the basketball stuff up. They had open cubes on the second floor balconies. Anyway, it was cool.

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