Honest to blog.

3 11 2008

I swear I’m going to update you on everything [and there’s a LOT of everything] going on in our lives.  Seems like when I work in an office, I fall off of the face of the earth.  Well, I plan to remedy that this week – both by blogging – and also by finishing my stint at 360jmg, the firm I’ve been working at this election cycle.

Here’s what I have to remember to cover in this massive posting I plan on writing this week:

  • Becky’s super-secret-surprise-birthday-halloween-costume-party extravaganza
  •  The election. I’ve almost purposely avoided blogging about politics this cycle. Most of you know what I think already – and everyone from outside of DC only seems to want to talk to me about it so I can tell them how smart they are and what a DC insider they sound like.  That said, I’m certainly happy that so many of my hitherto apathetic friends seem to get why I dragged Adam here and what I’ve been working for for the last 8 years.
  • Baby-ness.  We’re 5 weeks out and I’ve barely even mentioned him here.  I hear you saying to yourself, “Booo! Sandy sucks.”  Agreed.
  • TV – all of the new seasons have started and we need to talk about it – including the new Jeopardy theme music. Eww.
  • Pictures. I’ve got a TON of pics of everything from the Jimmy Buffett show to my giantness to Heidi and David’s wedding to our new front stoop and basement, to a baby shower – and even this weekend’s party. I’ll upload those bad boys soon.  Pretty hilarious.
  • Recent reading – and my book club.
  • My job.
  • A few more recipes that did not fail.
  • An update on Teddy and his bizarre health issues. (Don’t worry, nothing too bad!)
  • A request for stroller/baby stuff recommendations.  We have no clue what we need.  You baby mamas and baby daddies out there need to tell us what things you use that you can’t live without!

Ok – so that’s a lot to post about this week.  But I’ll try.

Is anybody even reading anymore, now that I’ve left you without any titillating info for months? If so, let me know I’m not just typing to the wall;)


ABBA? Really?

12 08 2008

So Political Wire, via Blender, published a list of the candidates’ favorite songs.  Hmmm…

1. Ready or Not Fugees 1. Dancing Queen ABBA
2. What’s Going On Marvin Gaye 2. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison
3. I’m On Fire Bruce Spingsteen 3. Take a Chance On Me ABBA
4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones 4. If We MakeIt Through December Merle Haggard
5. Sinnerman Nina Simone 5. As Time Goes By Dooley Wilson
6. Touch the Sky Kanye West 6. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
7. You’d Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra 7. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
8. Think Aretha Franklin 8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra
9. City of Blinding Lights U2 9. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
10. Yes We Can  will.i.am 10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters

Bill Kristol Is Lucky.

28 04 2008

bill kristol…lucky to grace the pages of JackTeddy&Us, that is. And why, you ask, would I ever allot any of our precious pixels to this man? Well, in today’s NYT op-ed section, he makes a fair point. And why, you ask again, would I acknowledge this in any meaningful way? The answer is that his fair point is the point I’ve been making for months now. No, I’m not a liberal-turned-neocon. And no, I’m not excited that the only person willing to give Hillary any credit – let alone column inches – for her incredible, if not historic, victories is a neoconservative pundit who, by the way, serves as one of McCain’s top advisers.

But seriously. Check out today’s NYT op-ed section. [I know not everyone is a reader – but it’s a short piece and it presents an opinion that is almost NEVER expressed in media coverage of this race. Take 2 minutes and broaden your horizons!] His article entitled Hillary Gets No Respect tells a lot of truth. Yes, it pains me to say that I agree with Mr. Kristol – and that it may appear to some that I am willing to listen to anyone who validates my own opinions. But, no matter where you stand politically, you’ve got to give Kristol some respect for being a Republican with a brain who is articulate enough to make rational explanations – even if you flat out disagree with most of his opinions. Looks like he and I have found some common ground.

Ain’t No Party Like A DC Party.

31 03 2008

Did you watch the Washington Nationals’ opening day at our new stadium? Probably not if you’re from outside of the metro area. If that’s the case, you really only missed one exciting, if not controversial, moment. Listen to the crowd:

Do you think it’s ok to boo the W?

Catching Our Breath.

24 03 2008

So we’ve been busy for like a month.  First, we went skiing, then on a Caribbean cruise, then to Florida for Bonnie’s wedding, and back to DC where it was all about Joy’s baby shower – and we were each sick for about a week somewhere in the midst of it all.  This weekend was really our first chance to catch our breath and relax.  Thank you, Easter! The roads were clear, the ‘hood was quiet and pretty, and the weather was unbelievable.

As you can imagine, we’ve got LOTS of pictures to share!  They’re all posted on Flickr – find them in the right sidebar of the blog, or check them out by clicking on the links below.  There’s an option to view them in slideshow format, if you’d like.

Some Pics of Hillary & Barry from the VA Dems Dinner
Ski Weekend with Chuck & Becky
Bonnie’s Wedding

Cruise pics to come in the next couple of days – as well as more blog posts about all kinds of good and exciting things that have happened over the past month. Stay tuned and check back often!

I Guess I’m Not The Only One Who Has Obama Fatigue.

20 02 2008

Look, I like the guy. But when you have an alternative like Hillary Clinton, a legislative rockstar, it’s not a tough choice for me.

Listen to the crew’s laughter in the background. Amen.

Obama Is Already President? And God? Really?

10 02 2008

Wow. Check out this article. Here are the snippits, but check out the whole thing. It’s short.

On inspiration as the core of the campaign:

“That is not just maddeningly vague but also disingenuous: the campaign is entirely about Obama and his ability to inspire. Rather than focusing on any specific issue or cause — other than an amorphous desire for change — the message is becoming dangerously self-referential. The Obama campaign all too often is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is. “
On Obama and supporters talking like he’s a kind of messiah:Obama himself joked about this at a Hollywood fundraiser, as noted in Men’s Vogue:

“When Morgan Freeman comes over to greet Obama, the senator begins bowing down both hands in worship. ‘This guy was president before I was,’ says Obama, referring to Freeman’s turn in Deep Impact and, clearly, getting a little ahead of his own bio. Next, a nod to Bruce Almighty: ‘This guy was God before I was.’”