Jim is 59! No wonder he’s crotchety.

24 03 2009

Seriously – Happy birthday, Jim. Hope it was a good one.


Cooper Photos!

12 02 2009

Like Adam, Like Cooper.

4 01 2009

On New Year’s Day, Coop wore his special sweater – a baby blue knit sweater that his grandma, Phyllis, made for his daddy to wear when he was eight days old. Can you believe that Adam was ever tiny enough to fit into this little outfit? It took Cooper a little while to grow into it, but we’re sure glad he did. Handsome devil, huh?

special sweater

Help us choose!

28 12 2008

So TurboTax is giving away $5,000 to the parents of “America’s Cutest Last-Minute Tax Deduction.” And, obviously, Coop is the cutest thing ever, so we have to enter him.  But we can’t pick a photo!

So we leave it in your trusty hands. Below are 9 pictures for your voting pleasure. You can click on each image to enlarge them and then vote in the poll just below.  And, if you’re feeling feisty, you can check out Coop’s competition here.

ABBA? Really?

12 08 2008

So Political Wire, via Blender, published a list of the candidates’ favorite songs.  Hmmm…

1. Ready or Not Fugees 1. Dancing Queen ABBA
2. What’s Going On Marvin Gaye 2. Blue Bayou Roy Orbison
3. I’m On Fire Bruce Spingsteen 3. Take a Chance On Me ABBA
4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones 4. If We MakeIt Through December Merle Haggard
5. Sinnerman Nina Simone 5. As Time Goes By Dooley Wilson
6. Touch the Sky Kanye West 6. Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
7. You’d Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra 7. What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
8. Think Aretha Franklin 8. I’ve Got You Under My Skin Frank Sinatra
9. City of Blinding Lights U2 9. Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
10. Yes We Can  will.i.am 10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes The Platters

Tourette’s for Preggers.

22 07 2008

So this morning I had what I would categorize as my first truly unreasonable emotional outburst – over a YouTube video aired on The Today Show – and then I got mad at Teddy for not understanding.  Yep.  I’ve lost my mind.

But, before you get all judgy, watch the video – with the volume up. The music makes it and you’ll think I’m a crazyhorse for losing it if you watch with your sound off.  I would like to point out, though, that the cheesy ending [“get back in touch with someone…”] was not on the original video I saw on the news and may have actually caused a spontaneous vomiting effect that would have counteracted all the crying.

I mean come on. If you didn’t tear up at that, you’re just the most heartless of the heartless.  Plus, did you happen to notice the striking resemblance that the lion bears to our Teddy?  Well, I see it – and this is where the story turns unreasonable.

So I’m crying – probably more than I ordinarily would.  But I don’t feel that unjustified because the news crew on The Today Show is also crying over the piece.  And then, I take a turn for the worse.  I make the connection between the lion and Ted – which leads me to notice that the lion jumps up and stands on his hind legs just like Teddy.  They move in a very similar way.

Then I realize that my Ted can’t really do that right now because his legs hurt him – which turns into – “He’s just a BABY!  What if he is unhappy for the rest of his life – or even dies, for that matter?!”  Which turns into an uncontrollable need to hug him and pet him.  So I get down in the floor to hug him, and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye like I’m a disgusting freak.  I extend my hand – and he LEANS AWAY FROM ME like I have the plague.  Are you kidding me?!  I feed him medicine out of my hand covered in peanut butter.  I pick up his poop and brush him and lay in his bed with him when he feels bad.  I sneak him treats.  I don’t kill him when I wake up in the morning to find he spent the night on the sofa – the evidence being a hairy spot of the sofa and a huge dark drool stain to match.  Just this morning I brushed him and scratched him and opened the door for him so he could lay down and still see outside.  And I can’t even get a little lovin’ when I’m visibly upset…over him?!

So here I am, sobbing, and now I think my dog has deliberately hurt my feelings.  Totally irrational.  And I know it’s totally irrational.  But that knowledge does nothing for me.  So I call Adam to tell him about it.  He is adorable and sweet and understanding, only mocking me for a second until he realizes I’m serious.  And then, hearing myself say these things aloud, I realize that I have absolutely become a cliche.  Ugh.

Hi there, Layla!

14 07 2008

JT&U is pleased to welcome the newest Gold to the world.  So world – meet Layla Wynn Gold, born this morning and weighing a svelte 7lbs 9oz:

welcome, layla.Welcome, Layla.  We’re glad to have you.

Rumor has it that the whole clan is thrilled and has been updating their Facebook statuses about it all morning – Tayler apparently sounds tired, but assures us that both Jaime [who is already on IM] and Layla are happy and healthy and it’s a good day all around.

Congrats, Jaime & Tayler!