10 01 2009

In honor of Cooper’s monthday [thanks for that little nugget, Judith] – which was on January 7th – we bring you 30 Days of Coop in Pictures.  Yep – one pic for each day of his first month.  Recognize the background music?  We used it in our wedding video, too – perfect.




5 responses

10 01 2009

ok, i admit it. i cried. what an awesome little person! happy monthday coop!

10 01 2009

I love this!!!!!! Great job, Sandy. I have two new favorite pictures of Cooper.

12 01 2009
Gramma Jan

Each time I still cry…..he is “the most fabulous” child ever! Thank you for sharing your special moments with us.

13 01 2009

Sandy- this is so cute!!!

13 01 2009
Melinda Howell

SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! I love that you have the energy to still be creative – good for you guys! Aren’t you just in love with your little man? I am so glad to see you have gotten in to being a mom because it is pretty cool. Also, Jay has the same snugglesaurus shirt and the Lamaze flutterbug toy – YAY!

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