Media Frenzy.

21 07 2007

So we’ve seen some movies lately.

First there was Sicko – which I highly recommend to everyone. Have all of you heard of it? I know we get a lot of movies here because we’re a big city – and sometimes they don’t filter out to places other that DC, San Fran, NYC, etc. for a few months. The gist of the movie is that health insurance is a big fat joke and that insurance companies are just giant corporations trying to make money, operating under the guise of our rescuers. It’s definitely funny, but it’s also pretty eye opening. Adam liked it, but thought it was really one-sided. I think it’s time this one side is told. Michael Moore, whether you like him or not, does a great job exploring lots of parts of the story that I wouldn’t have thought of…for example, he goes to France, England, Cuba, and Canada and tries to get medical care. It’s amazing – people just walk into any hospital – even in CUBA – and are seen immediately and treated for free. In England, they have a program where people can call at any time of day or night with a problem and a doctor will immediately come tend to them. In France, the government provides someone to come to your home a few times a week after you have a baby to cook, clean, and care for the baby so you can get some sleep or personal time – AND you get like 6 months maternity leave. But, then again, I wonder if most Americans are probably willing to live without quality health care in exchange for a Wal-Mart consumption-type lifestyle. Go see this movie – the Canadians are hilarious.

We saw Harry Potter! Adam wasn’t really into it, but I couldn’t wait to check it out. It wasn’t my favorite of the 5 movies they’ve released so far – but I still liked it. There wasn’t enough fun character building stuff in it for me. I needed more Hermione and Ron and Hagrid. The Goblet of Fire was all about their intrapersonal relationships and left some good cliff hangers. Were Hermione and ron gonna hook up? Did Malfoy know that his dad is a really bad bad guy? I was hoping that this movie would bring some things to fruition, but it didn’t. Whatever – more good info for the next movie! If you’re a Harry Potter book reader – don’t tell me what happens!

Tonight we’re probably going to see either Evening or Introducing the Dwights at this little theater in Shirlington that shows movies you can’t find anywhere else (except for at some tiny theaters in the city). I’ll let you know how it goes.




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