Honest to blog.

3 11 2008

I swear I’m going to update you on everything [and there’s a LOT of everything] going on in our lives.  Seems like when I work in an office, I fall off of the face of the earth.  Well, I plan to remedy that this week – both by blogging – and also by finishing my stint at 360jmg, the firm I’ve been working at this election cycle.

Here’s what I have to remember to cover in this massive posting I plan on writing this week:

  • Becky’s super-secret-surprise-birthday-halloween-costume-party extravaganza
  •  The election. I’ve almost purposely avoided blogging about politics this cycle. Most of you know what I think already – and everyone from outside of DC only seems to want to talk to me about it so I can tell them how smart they are and what a DC insider they sound like.  That said, I’m certainly happy that so many of my hitherto apathetic friends seem to get why I dragged Adam here and what I’ve been working for for the last 8 years.
  • Baby-ness.  We’re 5 weeks out and I’ve barely even mentioned him here.  I hear you saying to yourself, “Booo! Sandy sucks.”  Agreed.
  • TV – all of the new seasons have started and we need to talk about it – including the new Jeopardy theme music. Eww.
  • Pictures. I’ve got a TON of pics of everything from the Jimmy Buffett show to my giantness to Heidi and David’s wedding to our new front stoop and basement, to a baby shower – and even this weekend’s party. I’ll upload those bad boys soon.  Pretty hilarious.
  • Recent reading – and my book club.
  • My job.
  • A few more recipes that did not fail.
  • An update on Teddy and his bizarre health issues. (Don’t worry, nothing too bad!)
  • A request for stroller/baby stuff recommendations.  We have no clue what we need.  You baby mamas and baby daddies out there need to tell us what things you use that you can’t live without!

Ok – so that’s a lot to post about this week.  But I’ll try.

Is anybody even reading anymore, now that I’ve left you without any titillating info for months? If so, let me know I’m not just typing to the wall;)



6 07 2008

Need proof that Adam and I have been together far longer than the five years [today] we’ve been married?  Well, here it is:  We went out to an anniversary brunch this morning at one of our favorite restaurants.  We called ahead ’cause it’s a crazy busy place – we sat down, ordered – and were in and out in 20 minutes.  Seriously – are we an old married couple or what?  It’s not even like we just put face to plate and ignored each other in favor of our meals.  We shared our DELICIOUS brioche french toast and scrambled eggs, drank sparkling cider [I know – lame, right?], and talked about all kinds of stuff – from work, to last night’s performance of The Lion King we saw at the Kennedy Center, to inappropriate themes for a baby’s room, to the fancy necklace Adam gave me to celebrate our fifth, and I’m sure much more.  I guess with time comes efficiency.

Yesterday was such a busy day and night that we’ve decided to play it super lazy today.  We’re currently laying on the blanket from Adam’s old room in Orlando, which we spread out in the floor.  Adam was reading Freakonomics, but now he’s just watching tennis [in HD, I’m sure he’d like me to point out], I’m blogging [duh], and Teddy’s in between us, snoring – which is nice for him because he’s not allowed in our bed, so he’s in heaven.  Sure – we’ve got plenty to do.  But we’re ignoring that.  It’s a good lazy Sunday.

In other news, Teddy’s legs are really bothering him.  He’s having a tough time getting out of the sit position and is sort of sitting in a way that leaves his legs floppy.  It’s weird because he’s so young.  So far, he’s been tested for Lime Disease – and was negative – and we’re awaiting the results of some other blood tests, etc.  The vets are a little worried he has some sort of auto-immune disease like Lupus.  Oddly, Ted doesn’t seem to notice there’s anything wrong!  And when his adrenaline gets going, he bounces around, runs stairs, and jumps up like his usual self.  He’s on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics until we figure out what the real issue is.  He’s still the most adorable pup ever.

Adam did get the hybrid Highlander!  It’s sweet.  Came with running boards, the spoiler that makes it look hot, some racing stripes, leather interior, navigation, rubber mats and inserts for Ted, a third row – you name it.  Yep – it’s a bunch of stuff we don’t need.  But it’s blue and it’s awesome.

And I’m starting to show a bit.  I’m like 4.5 months along and feeling fine.  Nothing really notable to tell – I just have to pee more often.  The pic is me trying to stick my stomach out so I look like a pregger and not just a chick with a gut.  I just look really…fluffy.  Not sure why I’m making a face like I’m pissed – I’m pretty sure that was accidental.

Other than that, all I have to report is that the new job is going well [a little boring since I don’t have much to do yet], Becky’s gone for three weekends in a row which SUCKS, and she and Chuck and the kids are moving a few blocks away over the next couple of weeks.  If you have any cute ideas for a baby boy’s room [Thatch likes cars] and/or a baby girl’s room, write ’em in the comments and Becky will be your best friend.


25 04 2008

So, first of all, Passover pics are up. Not sure why, but I was really excited to sing Ehad, Mi Yodea – I am totally into my number [4 – “arba imahot!”]. Let’s just say that it started a lot better than it ended, but was, well…lackluster when compared to how it went in my head:

Secondly, how cute are all of my boys watching the Magic’s 3rd playoff game last night? Yes, they did suffer a devastating loss, but still…

By the time the game ended, we were sleepy…obviously. But we hung in there until the end.

Reader Appreciation.

24 01 2008

If you’re reading this posting, it’s probably your birthday.  How do I know that?  Because we only have like 4 readers – and one of them is Jaime Gold!  So happy birthday, Jaime!  Oh – and check out her big news.  Awesome.

Happy Birthday, Ad!

23 01 2008

Ahh, the year in review. Here’s a look at Adam’s year on this planet as a 27 year old.

New Year’s Pics.

14 01 2008

Check out our latest pics in the Flicker badge in the right sidebar. They’re mostly from New Year’s Even and New Year’s Day with Chuck, Becky & the kids. Are these kids the cutest ever, or what?

thatch at museumellie at museum

Best Day Ever.

24 12 2007

So this has got to be the best day ever. After getting a great night’s sleep in my very own bed, I woke up and ran 6 whole miles without stopping! Woo hoo! Then I showered, got dressed, and headed down to Ultimate Results to redeem my gift certificate for a one hour massage [Adam is obviously a fantastic Hanukkah gift giver]…and let me tell you – on top of being realllly interesting, my new Iraqi friend Ahmed is a fantastic massager! Next, I headed over to my favorite Starbucks to spend what I assumed was the last of the cash on my Starbucks gift card [my mom totally hooked me up for Hanukkah] – but NO! My favorite barista heard me order and told the guy on the cash register that my tall-vanilla-with-whip-chai was on the house! She said “Happy Festivus!” and gave me a free drink!

There are two morals of this story: 1 – I have great a family that picks out awesome gifts that I love, and 2 – It is GREAT to be a Jew on Christmas.