Quick Note.

28 05 2008

I know it’s been a while – and I’ll make up for it…but, in the mean time, here are some pics from this weekend!




25 04 2008

So, first of all, Passover pics are up. Not sure why, but I was really excited to sing Ehad, Mi Yodea – I am totally into my number [4 – “arba imahot!”]. Let’s just say that it started a lot better than it ended, but was, well…lackluster when compared to how it went in my head:

Secondly, how cute are all of my boys watching the Magic’s 3rd playoff game last night? Yes, they did suffer a devastating loss, but still…

By the time the game ended, we were sleepy…obviously. But we hung in there until the end.

Another Great Day.

7 04 2008

ad and ted on the mallLast weekend we went down to the National Mall for the Kite Festival – part of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s always really amazing to see so many kites in the air in such a famous place. When you think about it, it’s really the only day of the year when all of the different kinds of families that live here in the DC area come out to play. Sure, there are tourists crawling all over the Tidal Basin, but you know the Kite Festival people are locals for two reasons: 1) all of the handmade kites – I mean, who travels with crazy paper/crayon/straw structures? and 2) all of the dogs.

And speaking of dogs, Ted was King of the Mall. As is always the case when we go out in public with Ted, we were constantly asked what kind of dog he is and if he’s friendly enough to pet. I think every child in the DC Metro Area was licked by the Tedman at one point or another on that day! Hilariously, about a zillion people – most of whom did not speak English – asked to take photos of or with him – isn’t that weird? Why would you want a picture of yourself with – or even of – a dog you don’t know?

You can click on the picture of Adam and Ted to see all of our pics from the Kite Festival.

Catching Our Breath.

24 03 2008

So we’ve been busy for like a month.  First, we went skiing, then on a Caribbean cruise, then to Florida for Bonnie’s wedding, and back to DC where it was all about Joy’s baby shower – and we were each sick for about a week somewhere in the midst of it all.  This weekend was really our first chance to catch our breath and relax.  Thank you, Easter! The roads were clear, the ‘hood was quiet and pretty, and the weather was unbelievable.

As you can imagine, we’ve got LOTS of pictures to share!  They’re all posted on Flickr – find them in the right sidebar of the blog, or check them out by clicking on the links below.  There’s an option to view them in slideshow format, if you’d like.

Some Pics of Hillary & Barry from the VA Dems Dinner
Ski Weekend with Chuck & Becky
Bonnie’s Wedding

Cruise pics to come in the next couple of days – as well as more blog posts about all kinds of good and exciting things that have happened over the past month. Stay tuned and check back often!


23 10 2007

The audacity of squirrels. This one has been driving both Jack and Ted pretty crazy. He’s just been hanging out on the window sill as Jack claws at the glass and Teddy licks it. He’s one brave sucker.


Ad and Ted and I went to West Virginia last Saturday – yes, on purpose. We hiked part of the Appalachian Trail and teddy loved it. He pulled us for miles. And, as usual, he climbed like a wild man…except at one point when he got stubborn and would jump off of a little wall. He just wouldn’t do it – and when we tried to lift him up and onto he ground, he just sat back into a big bunch of bushes. He even went so far as to stick his face in a really prickly bush that left stickers all in his fur. After that, every kid at Harper’s Ferry spent at least a good 3 minutes trying to pick them out. I’ll post some pictures from our adventures this week.