Jim is 59! No wonder he’s crotchety.

24 03 2009

Seriously – Happy birthday, Jim. Hope it was a good one.


Cooper laughs. Teddy licks.

4 03 2009

We were lucky enough to have our camera nearby to capture Cooper’s first real laughs. He’s smiled and cooed for us, but this was the first time he just laughed and laughed. And of course Teddy became interested at the new baby noises and joined the party. 

This was by far the most entertaining thing we’ve watched in a while. Perhaps it’s time for us to get out more. Or perhaps this is home movie gold.

Snow Day.

2 03 2009

(if you listen closely you can hear someone enjoying watching his puppy in the snow)

(not his best photo — more to come later once we bust out his maggie simpson style snow outfit)

*update: Sandy deleted this pic because she says it’s awful and he looks weird. She’ll post some good snow pics soon!

Happy Birthday, Judith – from Coop.

31 01 2009

…no, Coop doesn’t have a giant potbelly – it’s just the way the sweater is laying!


10 01 2009

In honor of Cooper’s monthday [thanks for that little nugget, Judith] – which was on January 7th – we bring you 30 Days of Coop in Pictures.  Yep – one pic for each day of his first month.  Recognize the background music?  We used it in our wedding video, too – perfect.

Cooper needs to learn when to say when.

10 12 2008

We’ve been meaning to post forever and had planned to do a mega-post to catch up on everything going on. That mega-post ain’t happening any time soon, so we’re going to start to just post stuff again. The postings will likely focus largely on the newest addition to the “us” category of jack, teddy and us. On that note, here is a video from Cooper’s first full day at home. A little background…we could not get a straight answer from the nurses and doctors at the hospital on how much to feed him. The advice on amounts was all over the board, so we went with the two pediatricians who said to just let him eat what he wants to eat. So we did. We also made the transition from the disposable samples the hospital gave us to a bottle set where we had to mix the formula and the measurements were a bit strange. The following video is the crime scene moments after Cooper signaled to us that he had eaten too much. Enjoy.

Font Humor.

25 07 2008

[If I knew how to imbed video, I would.]

Watch out for Webdings.