Honest to blog.

3 11 2008

I swear I’m going to update you on everything [and there’s a LOT of everything] going on in our lives.  Seems like when I work in an office, I fall off of the face of the earth.  Well, I plan to remedy that this week – both by blogging – and also by finishing my stint at 360jmg, the firm I’ve been working at this election cycle.

Here’s what I have to remember to cover in this massive posting I plan on writing this week:

  • Becky’s super-secret-surprise-birthday-halloween-costume-party extravaganza
  •  The election. I’ve almost purposely avoided blogging about politics this cycle. Most of you know what I think already – and everyone from outside of DC only seems to want to talk to me about it so I can tell them how smart they are and what a DC insider they sound like.  That said, I’m certainly happy that so many of my hitherto apathetic friends seem to get why I dragged Adam here and what I’ve been working for for the last 8 years.
  • Baby-ness.  We’re 5 weeks out and I’ve barely even mentioned him here.  I hear you saying to yourself, “Booo! Sandy sucks.”  Agreed.
  • TV – all of the new seasons have started and we need to talk about it – including the new Jeopardy theme music. Eww.
  • Pictures. I’ve got a TON of pics of everything from the Jimmy Buffett show to my giantness to Heidi and David’s wedding to our new front stoop and basement, to a baby shower – and even this weekend’s party. I’ll upload those bad boys soon.  Pretty hilarious.
  • Recent reading – and my book club.
  • My job.
  • A few more recipes that did not fail.
  • An update on Teddy and his bizarre health issues. (Don’t worry, nothing too bad!)
  • A request for stroller/baby stuff recommendations.  We have no clue what we need.  You baby mamas and baby daddies out there need to tell us what things you use that you can’t live without!

Ok – so that’s a lot to post about this week.  But I’ll try.

Is anybody even reading anymore, now that I’ve left you without any titillating info for months? If so, let me know I’m not just typing to the wall;)


Tourette’s for Preggers.

22 07 2008

So this morning I had what I would categorize as my first truly unreasonable emotional outburst – over a YouTube video aired on The Today Show – and then I got mad at Teddy for not understanding.  Yep.  I’ve lost my mind.

But, before you get all judgy, watch the video – with the volume up. The music makes it and you’ll think I’m a crazyhorse for losing it if you watch with your sound off.  I would like to point out, though, that the cheesy ending [“get back in touch with someone…”] was not on the original video I saw on the news and may have actually caused a spontaneous vomiting effect that would have counteracted all the crying.

I mean come on. If you didn’t tear up at that, you’re just the most heartless of the heartless.  Plus, did you happen to notice the striking resemblance that the lion bears to our Teddy?  Well, I see it – and this is where the story turns unreasonable.

So I’m crying – probably more than I ordinarily would.  But I don’t feel that unjustified because the news crew on The Today Show is also crying over the piece.  And then, I take a turn for the worse.  I make the connection between the lion and Ted – which leads me to notice that the lion jumps up and stands on his hind legs just like Teddy.  They move in a very similar way.

Then I realize that my Ted can’t really do that right now because his legs hurt him – which turns into – “He’s just a BABY!  What if he is unhappy for the rest of his life – or even dies, for that matter?!”  Which turns into an uncontrollable need to hug him and pet him.  So I get down in the floor to hug him, and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye like I’m a disgusting freak.  I extend my hand – and he LEANS AWAY FROM ME like I have the plague.  Are you kidding me?!  I feed him medicine out of my hand covered in peanut butter.  I pick up his poop and brush him and lay in his bed with him when he feels bad.  I sneak him treats.  I don’t kill him when I wake up in the morning to find he spent the night on the sofa – the evidence being a hairy spot of the sofa and a huge dark drool stain to match.  Just this morning I brushed him and scratched him and opened the door for him so he could lay down and still see outside.  And I can’t even get a little lovin’ when I’m visibly upset…over him?!

So here I am, sobbing, and now I think my dog has deliberately hurt my feelings.  Totally irrational.  And I know it’s totally irrational.  But that knowledge does nothing for me.  So I call Adam to tell him about it.  He is adorable and sweet and understanding, only mocking me for a second until he realizes I’m serious.  And then, hearing myself say these things aloud, I realize that I have absolutely become a cliche.  Ugh.

I Guess I’m Not The Only One Who Has Obama Fatigue.

20 02 2008

Look, I like the guy. But when you have an alternative like Hillary Clinton, a legislative rockstar, it’s not a tough choice for me.

Listen to the crew’s laughter in the background. Amen.

Jewish People Are Funny, Too.

4 02 2008

Have you seen this video? Sarah Silverman gave Jimmy Kimmel little present on his show last week. You’ve got to check it out.


26 01 2008

Remember back in November when you mocked me for my nostalgic feelings as you read this post about watching Trading Spaces for the first time this millennium? Well, my general hypotheses have been deemed true, as Paige Davis is back – with a list of demands including the reinstatement of the old format, original music, and first four designers. The ad campaign is everywhere. Must be nice for Paige to be begged to come back because the show tanked without her after TLC tossed her out on the street. TV Guide Lays it all out here.  Looks like that Sandy Marks has her finger on the pulse of the nation.

Notes to My Future President.

16 01 2008

I recorded the second showing of last night’s Dem debate on MSNBC and have been watching it all day.  I’m so bored with it.  Obama is increasingly and off-puttingly smug – and Hillary looks so exhausted that her eyes are close to expressionless unless she’s super fired up about whatever she’s talking about.  I must say that each debate just solidifies my belief that we need to elect Hillary.  Barry just seems like all talk and attitude and Edwards comes across as way desperate.  Hillary seems to be the most realistic, pragmatic, competent choice.  Obama wants to have a great staff to do his bidding.  Not only am I not sure that I trust him to make better decisions for me than I could make for myself – I certainly don’t trust his would-be appointees to make those decisions for me for him!

That said…

Barry:  There are no such things as “often times.”  Your options are “often” and “many times.”  Pick one.  I need my president to express himself in a grammatically correct way.  I’ve missed that for eight years.

Hillary:  Stop saying “black/brown issues.”  I know what you mean and that you’re using that phrasing because it’s the jargon of the communities involved, but it sounds icky when you say it and it weirds me out.

What did you guys think of the debate?  Anything to add?

Too Much Time on My Hands.

4 11 2007

Alright. Adam is in New York with the team tonight – and I’m being really lazy here at home. And surprise! There is NOTHING on television.

Can we just talk about TV for a second?

First of all, I’d like to make a note that I saw my first Christmasy commercial of the year on this night, November 3rd. So, congratulations to Garmin for winning the award for Most Ridiculously Early Christmas-themed Commercial. Isn’t November 3rd a little early to bust out the lyrical parodies of Sweet Silver Bells?

remember her?Secondly, we need to have a conversation about the once very exciting Trading Spaces. We all loved the show at its start with good ole Alex McLeod, the cast of would-be-regular designers and carpenters, and, of course, that annoying theme music. Well, like 10 years ago [wow, it’s been a long time], Alex got booted [or not] in favor of Paige Davis – who, might I add, was waaay too perky, but she grew on us. Then they began to include a very small number of new designers, very slowly, over many years. Next thing you know, Paige got the axe, the show decided it would be better without a host, the opening graphics and music changed, and they got some new carpenters.

exuding crazy energyI stopped watching the show years ago. I was never one to watch new episodes in prime time. Instead, it was the type of show I’d watch when there was nothing else on, but, of course, I’d become entranced against my will. But, it seemed like they just played repeats over and over and over for so long that I just lost interest. Plus, the original premise of the show was that neighbors could do anything THEY wanted to each other’s home – but that never really materialized. The reality of the situation was that whatever DESIGNERS were assigned to the houses got to do whatever they wanted. Often the actual homeowners were merely helpers and the design plans weren’t even divulged to them entirely. By the end of my viewing enjoyment, the designers would actually talk to the people whose houses they were decorating to find out what they wanted. Bah!

Now, in my absolute boredom, I saw the old standby in the guide and decided to tune in. Whoa! The only component of the show I even recognized was Frank, the flamboyantly straight old man designer with a soft spot for chickens. EVERYTHING else was different – the carpenters & designers [really new ones I’ve never ever seen before], the music, the format – everything. It blew my mind. Is this a sign that the show is conforming to what people want? Or does it mean that no one watches it and they’re desperate to make big enough changes to win back an audience? Either way, the fact that I’m over it has been confirmed.

Third – I want to write about last week’s Dem debate, but I’m so frustrated with it that I can’t make myself do it yet. Seriously? Is Dennis Kucinich such a real possible nominee that Tim Russert needs to investigate his personal life and bring more things that make him look wacky to the forefront for the American people to judge? Really? Is it helpful to our party to make an already losing, nerdy, unpopular candidate – who, mind you, is the only truly liberal voice on the dais – look like an absolute whack job by asking him about his UFO sighting? Way to make an effort to further discredit a guy who, aside from giving a different point of view and probably being a pretty nice guy, has probably been getting laughed at since he was nine. Great job. Reinforce the idea that leftist peaceniks are outside-the-main stream crazies. Whatever individuals think about him as a person doesn’t really have much to do with the fact that, in concept, what Tim Russert did was unnecessary, disrespectful, and just mean. He knew that most people think people who claim to have seen UFOs are mistaken and naive and he called out good guy Dennis Kucinich – for what? And I usually like Russert. And Obama. He just kicked the guy while he was down, marginalized him, and laughed at him. What a good guy, that Obama.

Also – does the fact that I’m increasingly drawn to the Science Channel, the History Channel, and Jeopardy mean that I’m turning into an old man?