Hi there, Layla!

14 07 2008

JT&U is pleased to welcome the newest Gold to the world.  So world – meet Layla Wynn Gold, born this morning and weighing a svelte 7lbs 9oz:

welcome, layla.Welcome, Layla.  We’re glad to have you.

Rumor has it that the whole clan is thrilled and has been updating their Facebook statuses about it all morning – Tayler apparently sounds tired, but assures us that both Jaime [who is already on IM] and Layla are happy and healthy and it’s a good day all around.

Congrats, Jaime & Tayler!



25 04 2008

So, first of all, Passover pics are up. Not sure why, but I was really excited to sing Ehad, Mi Yodea – I am totally into my number [4 – “arba imahot!”]. Let’s just say that it started a lot better than it ended, but was, well…lackluster when compared to how it went in my head:

Secondly, how cute are all of my boys watching the Magic’s 3rd playoff game last night? Yes, they did suffer a devastating loss, but still…

By the time the game ended, we were sleepy…obviously. But we hung in there until the end.

Reader Appreciation.

24 01 2008

If you’re reading this posting, it’s probably your birthday.  How do I know that?  Because we only have like 4 readers – and one of them is Jaime Gold!  So happy birthday, Jaime!  Oh – and check out her big news.  Awesome.