10 01 2009

In honor of Cooper’s monthday [thanks for that little nugget, Judith] – which was on January 7th – we bring you 30 Days of Coop in Pictures.  Yep – one pic for each day of his first month.  Recognize the background music?  We used it in our wedding video, too – perfect.


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8 01 2009

Judith gets credit for this find.  The toy itself is great, but the reviews are absolutely amazing.  Prepare to spend the next couple minutes (hours?) in hilarity.

Like Adam, Like Cooper.

4 01 2009

On New Year’s Day, Coop wore his special sweater – a baby blue knit sweater that his grandma, Phyllis, made for his daddy to wear when he was eight days old. Can you believe that Adam was ever tiny enough to fit into this little outfit? It took Cooper a little while to grow into it, but we’re sure glad he did. Handsome devil, huh?

special sweater

Help us choose!

28 12 2008

So TurboTax is giving away $5,000 to the parents of “America’s Cutest Last-Minute Tax Deduction.” And, obviously, Coop is the cutest thing ever, so we have to enter him.  But we can’t pick a photo!

So we leave it in your trusty hands. Below are 9 pictures for your voting pleasure. You can click on each image to enlarge them and then vote in the poll just below.  And, if you’re feeling feisty, you can check out Coop’s competition here.

Videos Page.

21 12 2008

We’re going to try to have a subpage on the old blog where we’ll post videos. Sometimes we’ll write about the videos and sometimes we’ll just post them. On the top of the page will be a link to the video page. Who knows if it will work. We’ve posted a video there to get things going.

Where Cooper Benjamin Zissman Happens.

18 12 2008

Cooper and I are watching our first Magic game together tonight. The Magic started off playing poorly, but then I took him out of his swing and held him in my lap and the Magic went on a run and are now up 15 at halftime. I know that you think it is just a coincidence, but it isn’t. Cooper has good basketball karma.

And during the first quarter a new “Where Amazing Happens” NBA commercial came on and it was just perfect for the moment (and let me dream about what my lanky boy will one day do). 

Cooper > eTrade Baby.

17 12 2008

Since I came into the office today to start to dig out, it was my first day away from Cooper and Sandy. Thanks to technology, however, Cooper and I had our first web-chat today via Skype and it seemed to go well (I did most of the talking). 

I kept thinking about those eTrade commercials, though.  I think Cooper is ready for his close up.