Cooper needs to learn when to say when.

10 12 2008

We’ve been meaning to post forever and had planned to do a mega-post to catch up on everything going on. That mega-post ain’t happening any time soon, so we’re going to start to just post stuff again. The postings will likely focus largely on the newest addition to the “us” category of jack, teddy and us. On that note, here is a video from Cooper’s first full day at home. A little background…we could not get a straight answer from the nurses and doctors at the hospital on how much to feed him. The advice on amounts was all over the board, so we went with the two pediatricians who said to just let him eat what he wants to eat. So we did. We also made the transition from the disposable samples the hospital gave us to a bottle set where we had to mix the formula and the measurements were a bit strange. The following video is the crime scene moments after Cooper signaled to us that he had eaten too much. Enjoy.




6 responses

11 12 2008

he is so cute!!!! and I love the name! Congratulations šŸ™‚

11 12 2008

Damn! I can’t watch videos at work. Was it an exorcist spit up? When I was at my parents house over Thanksgiving Layla spit up while I was feeding her and my dad said he thought the bottle broke and was spilling out!

I can’t wait to meet Cooper this weekend!

11 12 2008
Rebecca Geller

This video is adorable, I love watching Adam and Cooper together – he’s so little!!!

13 12 2008
jenn root

Too Cute! Is it me or does he look like a perfect combo for Sandy and Adam! Sending you tons of love and hugs and kissses! (SUbliminal message–move to california–it’s awesome here–california….YES)

17 12 2008
Alison Mann

That is great! I can’t imagine the daily adventures that you guys are having- looking forward to more video clips!

29 12 2008
Melinda Howell

I just LOVE that video! That is basically what every feeding with Jay is like. And Griswold does lick it up – GROSS!!! Hope you guys are doing well!

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