Whoa Baby.

10 11 2008

For reals.  UncommonGoods.com is the best shopping site ever.  If you’ve gotten a gift from us over the past couple of years (when we’re not being pinko commies and doling out Kiva gift certificates) – especially a baby gift – it’s probably from there.  I mean where else can you get everything from a pack of peepee teepees to a onesie declaring your baby’s illiteracy?  If you have a baby girl, expect to receive a smartly wrapped bright blue box with a happy green ribbon – and, inside, a pink snapsuit that proclaims “No one puts baby in the corner.”  Perfect.


It’s nice to find a place where you can buy cool not-sugar-sweet clothes and toys and fun stuff.  Here’s just some of the baby stuff they have available.  But check out the other kids’ stuff – and definitely the regular people stuff, too.  Lots of great home decor, art, jewelry, and other treats.

Seriously – I’m turning you on to a gem of a site.  You can thank me later.




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12 11 2008

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