Updates Galore.

19 07 2008

Three updates in order of people’s likely interest:

1) Hint on the last post: one type of M&Ms has nuts; the other does not.

2) Teddy continues to struggle with his back legs, but he is going on steroids on Monday and the doctor is cautiously optimistic that he’ll turn things around in less than a week. He’ll have to stay on the steroids for a couple months, but there is guarded optimism. That being said, the diagnosis (which I can’t remember, but is basically early onset arthritis) is only the second time our doctor has ever actually seen it in a dog, so she isn’t even completely certain. It’s been an (expensive) ordeal, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he’ll be turning the corner. If this doesn’t work we have no idea where this will lead.

3) Last June I did a post about how DirecTV’s president actually replied to an email and they did something about our frustrations (DirecTV Cares About Their Customers.). One of the things they did last June was to waive our commitment fee (which is their euphemism for early termination penalty). We were so encouraged by that that three months later when the replacement receiver quit working we decided to stick with them. Problem is, DirecTV’s policy is that any time you get new equipment, you re-commit for two more years. So when I called today to cancel (because our nth replacement receiver also doesn’t work), I was met by a bunch of customer service reps and supervisors who refused to reply logic to the situation and simply repeated over and over that by replacing my receiver in September, I re-committed for 2 more years. The highlights of my calls:

a) being told by Rep 1 that only 2 weeks worth of customer history was available only to have Rep 2 spoke with be able to look at the account history from last year to confirm the commitment fee had been waived.

b) being disconnected by Rep 2 while I waited to speak to her supervisor.

c) being told by Rep 3 that the president of the company doesn’t actually read or respond to his own emails so of course I didn’t actually email with him.

d) being told by Rep 4 (a supervisor in the “retention department”) that she had too much work to do to let me explain everything to her and that the only way to resolve this was to again try to contact the president of the company. Rep 4 did not appreciate the following exchange:

me: what is your name and employee id#?

Rep 4: Jenny, ######

me: and what department are you a supervisor in?

Rep 4: Retention

me: that’s ironic

Rep 4 (angry): and why do you think that is ironic Mr. Zissman?

anyone have any experience with Dish Network? as soon as this is resolved, i think that is where we are headed.

[UPDATE: got a call from the “President’s Office” on a Sunday morning confirming that we won’t have any fees if wle e terminate. I guess there is a small office of competent people at DirecTV.]




2 responses

21 07 2008

We are now calling your dog “Teddy Bonds” and he can NOT participate in the Tour De France.

21 07 2008

I am now calling your dog “Teddy Bonds” or “Teddy McGuire” if that works better, but do not even think about letting him ride in the tour de france. Hope the steriods work for him.

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