Note to Seafood Lovers.

9 07 2008

Your lunch stinks.  It is smelly and the smelliness is far-reaching.  It hangs in the room like a putrid fog.  Especially when it’s hot.  You may not smell it, but – trust me on this one – everyone else does.  It is inconsiderate to eat stinky hot crab soup in a shared workspace.  I don’t want your stink in my lungs, so quit putting it in there without my consent.  I can’t work elsewhere, but you an certainly eat your rank liquid meal somewhere else, like say…Peeeewtown.

Put that in your spoon and slurp it.




2 responses

10 07 2008

Why so angry?? What about tuna fish? I love tuna!

13 07 2008

It is probably just your pregnancy dog nose coming through. I bet other people aren’t as annoyed by it.

When I was pregnant with Mason we had a billing lady who wore a lot of perfume. She left an invoice on my desk to be signed and I screamed through the office saying that noone is allowed to leave smelly things on my desk!

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