Rogue Agent.

18 06 2008

Jack Bauer has gone crazy and I’m not sure what to make of it. For the past week or two, he’s been so bad! In general, he’s pretty feisty and mischievous, but in a cute impy puck-ish way. But lately he’s jumping up onto the kitchen counters and dining room table, biting my hands and wrists, and stalking and attacking my ankles. And then there’s what he’s doing to Ted. For the past two days, he’s been working really hard to scrape up bits of dust and carpet and dog hair with which to cover Teddy’s food. Ew. Poor guy – Ted, I mean.

Like I said, this started a little while ago. Adam’s been gone all week, too – and it got even worse once he left. Do you think Jack knows something’s up with me and is freaking out?




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