Bill Kristol Is Lucky.

28 04 2008

bill kristol…lucky to grace the pages of JackTeddy&Us, that is. And why, you ask, would I ever allot any of our precious pixels to this man? Well, in today’s NYT op-ed section, he makes a fair point. And why, you ask again, would I acknowledge this in any meaningful way? The answer is that his fair point is the point I’ve been making for months now. No, I’m not a liberal-turned-neocon. And no, I’m not excited that the only person willing to give Hillary any credit – let alone column inches – for her incredible, if not historic, victories is a neoconservative pundit who, by the way, serves as one of McCain’s top advisers.

But seriously. Check out today’s NYT op-ed section. [I know not everyone is a reader – but it’s a short piece and it presents an opinion that is almost NEVER expressed in media coverage of this race. Take 2 minutes and broaden your horizons!] His article entitled Hillary Gets No Respect tells a lot of truth. Yes, it pains me to say that I agree with Mr. Kristol – and that it may appear to some that I am willing to listen to anyone who validates my own opinions. But, no matter where you stand politically, you’ve got to give Kristol some respect for being a Republican with a brain who is articulate enough to make rational explanations – even if you flat out disagree with most of his opinions. Looks like he and I have found some common ground.




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