Bosses’ Guide to the Fairer Sex.

25 03 2008

Becca Geller recently sent me this article printed in Saavy & Sage [whatever that is] – or rather re-printed. It originally ran in a 1943 issue of Transportation Magazine. All I can say is that I am grateful to the generation before me for working so hard to make sure that I don’t get how anyone could have ever possibly taken this seriously.

Check it out: 1943 Guide to Hiring Women – and, Mom, it’s a pdf file and it’s ok to open it.




2 responses

25 03 2008

Love it!

14 05 2008

Okay…..I really had to read this slowly to avoid hyperventilating……this pattern of thinking continued until the late 70’s. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that one of the administrators at the lawfirm where I worked last had a part in writing this article…..

It may be unthinkable to anyone born after 1980, but I dealt with employers who not only behaved this way but still think like this!

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