Notes to My Future President.

16 01 2008

I recorded the second showing of last night’s Dem debate on MSNBC and have been watching it all day.  I’m so bored with it.  Obama is increasingly and off-puttingly smug – and Hillary looks so exhausted that her eyes are close to expressionless unless she’s super fired up about whatever she’s talking about.  I must say that each debate just solidifies my belief that we need to elect Hillary.  Barry just seems like all talk and attitude and Edwards comes across as way desperate.  Hillary seems to be the most realistic, pragmatic, competent choice.  Obama wants to have a great staff to do his bidding.  Not only am I not sure that I trust him to make better decisions for me than I could make for myself – I certainly don’t trust his would-be appointees to make those decisions for me for him!

That said…

Barry:  There are no such things as “often times.”  Your options are “often” and “many times.”  Pick one.  I need my president to express himself in a grammatically correct way.  I’ve missed that for eight years.

Hillary:  Stop saying “black/brown issues.”  I know what you mean and that you’re using that phrasing because it’s the jargon of the communities involved, but it sounds icky when you say it and it weirds me out.

What did you guys think of the debate?  Anything to add?




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