8 01 2008

So this is what it must be like when Sandy watches football with me (not basketball, though — she loves hoops!)…

We’re watching CNN’s coverage of the NH primary and while I am interested and care about the result, I can’t focus on the non-stop coverage. My guess is that this is how Sandy feels about a football game about midway through the 2nd quarter.

What’s tough is that I can’t pick a candidate…Sandy’s (and a lot of other people I know’s) strong passion for Hillary is intriguing, but she doesn’t quite do it for me. Barack just hasn’t convinced me that he can do anything other than give a good speech, but who knows what he is capable of. Are the criticisms of him as young and inexperienced (and a minority), the same ones that JFK got or is that just modern spin? I’ve always tried to like Edwards and every time I feel like he’s got me, I hear some story about his life that contradicts his rhetoric. But he seems to care most about America and genuinely seems concerned about poverty and the economy. Not sure what to do with him. I’ve also been really intrigued by Dodd, Biden and Richardson, but obviously none of them are going to be a factor (maybe as VP?)

On the Republican side, I’m torn between wanting McCain to get the nomination (because he is the one Republican I think I could tolerate as President) and wanting one of the wack jobs to get the nomination to make a Democratic victory more likely. Still wish Gore would run and no idea what to think about Bloomberg.

Now to Anderson Cooper and the best team of political analysts on television.

UPDATE: So apparently I’m a Kucinich man with Obama a close second…click here to see who you match up with.

Your Results

You planned to vote for Undecided. Based on your responses, your top candidate for 2008 is below.

Your Top Match

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich (D)

85.71% match

You are number 1,954,257 to use the Candidate Calculator.

Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich (D)

Your Other Top MatchesIllinois Senator Barack Obama (D) – 82.14%
Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel (D) – 78.57%
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D) – 78.57%

Middle of the Pack

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) – 75.00%
Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd (D) – 71.43%
Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards (D) – 71.43%
Delaware Senator Joseph Biden (D) – 67.86%
Businessman John Cox (R) – 50.00%
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) – 46.43%
Texas Representative Ron Paul (R) – 35.71%
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) – 32.14%
Arizona Senator John McCain (R) – 28.57%
Kansas Senator Sam Brownback (R) – 21.43%

Bottom of the Barrel

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) – 21.43%
Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo (R) – 21.43%
Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson (R) – 14.29%
California Representative Duncan Hunter (R) – 10.71%




2 responses

9 01 2008

Crazy – mine came back as Kucinich too! But my second was Hillary.

10 01 2008

I got Mike Gravel! Followed by Kucinich, Richardson, and Biden. Go figure.

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