Best Day Ever.

24 12 2007

So this has got to be the best day ever. After getting a great night’s sleep in my very own bed, I woke up and ran 6 whole miles without stopping! Woo hoo! Then I showered, got dressed, and headed down to Ultimate Results to redeem my gift certificate for a one hour massage [Adam is obviously a fantastic Hanukkah gift giver]…and let me tell you – on top of being realllly interesting, my new Iraqi friend Ahmed is a fantastic massager! Next, I headed over to my favorite Starbucks to spend what I assumed was the last of the cash on my Starbucks gift card [my mom totally hooked me up for Hanukkah] – but NO! My favorite barista heard me order and told the guy on the cash register that my tall-vanilla-with-whip-chai was on the house! She said “Happy Festivus!” and gave me a free drink!

There are two morals of this story: 1 – I have great a family that picks out awesome gifts that I love, and 2 – It is GREAT to be a Jew on Christmas.




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