Icky Face.

28 11 2007

We’ve got a lot to post – Thanksgiving stuff, Adam’s work stuff, etc. But, right at this moment, it’s all about Ted.

Apparently, in 24 to 36 hours, he developed the ickiest, nastiest, BIGGEST hot spots ever. And now he has to wear a giant cone collar thingie like the dog in Summer School who hung out with the girl whose face “got stuck like that.” Poor guy. I’ll spare you the pics of the nastiness – his face had to be shaved on both sides of his head from just under his ears to his jaw line.  To be honest, it was hard not to laugh at him at first as he tried to climb into the car and walk around in our cramped little house with that giant thing around his head – but it’s SO sad!  Here he is looking pretty drugged and equally Elizabethan.

img_5814.jpg     img_5821.jpg




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