Too Much Time on My Hands.

4 11 2007

Alright. Adam is in New York with the team tonight – and I’m being really lazy here at home. And surprise! There is NOTHING on television.

Can we just talk about TV for a second?

First of all, I’d like to make a note that I saw my first Christmasy commercial of the year on this night, November 3rd. So, congratulations to Garmin for winning the award for Most Ridiculously Early Christmas-themed Commercial. Isn’t November 3rd a little early to bust out the lyrical parodies of Sweet Silver Bells?

remember her?Secondly, we need to have a conversation about the once very exciting Trading Spaces. We all loved the show at its start with good ole Alex McLeod, the cast of would-be-regular designers and carpenters, and, of course, that annoying theme music. Well, like 10 years ago [wow, it’s been a long time], Alex got booted [or not] in favor of Paige Davis – who, might I add, was waaay too perky, but she grew on us. Then they began to include a very small number of new designers, very slowly, over many years. Next thing you know, Paige got the axe, the show decided it would be better without a host, the opening graphics and music changed, and they got some new carpenters.

exuding crazy energyI stopped watching the show years ago. I was never one to watch new episodes in prime time. Instead, it was the type of show I’d watch when there was nothing else on, but, of course, I’d become entranced against my will. But, it seemed like they just played repeats over and over and over for so long that I just lost interest. Plus, the original premise of the show was that neighbors could do anything THEY wanted to each other’s home – but that never really materialized. The reality of the situation was that whatever DESIGNERS were assigned to the houses got to do whatever they wanted. Often the actual homeowners were merely helpers and the design plans weren’t even divulged to them entirely. By the end of my viewing enjoyment, the designers would actually talk to the people whose houses they were decorating to find out what they wanted. Bah!

Now, in my absolute boredom, I saw the old standby in the guide and decided to tune in. Whoa! The only component of the show I even recognized was Frank, the flamboyantly straight old man designer with a soft spot for chickens. EVERYTHING else was different – the carpenters & designers [really new ones I’ve never ever seen before], the music, the format – everything. It blew my mind. Is this a sign that the show is conforming to what people want? Or does it mean that no one watches it and they’re desperate to make big enough changes to win back an audience? Either way, the fact that I’m over it has been confirmed.

Third – I want to write about last week’s Dem debate, but I’m so frustrated with it that I can’t make myself do it yet. Seriously? Is Dennis Kucinich such a real possible nominee that Tim Russert needs to investigate his personal life and bring more things that make him look wacky to the forefront for the American people to judge? Really? Is it helpful to our party to make an already losing, nerdy, unpopular candidate – who, mind you, is the only truly liberal voice on the dais – look like an absolute whack job by asking him about his UFO sighting? Way to make an effort to further discredit a guy who, aside from giving a different point of view and probably being a pretty nice guy, has probably been getting laughed at since he was nine. Great job. Reinforce the idea that leftist peaceniks are outside-the-main stream crazies. Whatever individuals think about him as a person doesn’t really have much to do with the fact that, in concept, what Tim Russert did was unnecessary, disrespectful, and just mean. He knew that most people think people who claim to have seen UFOs are mistaken and naive and he called out good guy Dennis Kucinich – for what? And I usually like Russert. And Obama. He just kicked the guy while he was down, marginalized him, and laughed at him. What a good guy, that Obama.

Also – does the fact that I’m increasingly drawn to the Science Channel, the History Channel, and Jeopardy mean that I’m turning into an old man?




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26 01 2008
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