23 10 2007

The audacity of squirrels. This one has been driving both Jack and Ted pretty crazy. He’s just been hanging out on the window sill as Jack claws at the glass and Teddy licks it. He’s one brave sucker.


Ad and Ted and I went to West Virginia last Saturday – yes, on purpose. We hiked part of the Appalachian Trail and teddy loved it. He pulled us for miles. And, as usual, he climbed like a wild man…except at one point when he got stubborn and would jump off of a little wall. He just wouldn’t do it – and when we tried to lift him up and onto he ground, he just sat back into a big bunch of bushes. He even went so far as to stick his face in a really prickly bush that left stickers all in his fur. After that, every kid at Harper’s Ferry spent at least a good 3 minutes trying to pick them out. I’ll post some pictures from our adventures this week.




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