New Digs.

19 10 2007

You found us!

So?! What do you think of the new place?

Everything will stay pretty much the same – with some exceptions:

  • JT&U will be much prettier from now on! And we’ll be able to change the header picture a lot more. Our first masthead is a pic of Jack’s whiskers. He’s very cute and whiskery.
  • About commenting:
    • You don’t have to have or register for any kind of account to comment anymore! So no excuses – you have to participate:) [That means you, Jason Marks.]
    • When you comment, you have to leave your name. Which should be fine because no one creepy reads our blog – and only creepy people say weird enough things to warrant an anonymous comment. You’ll also have to give your email address when you comment – but never fear – we are the ONLY people who will see it. So don’t worry about spam or anything like that.
    • If you want, you have the option of leaving a link to your website or blog in your comment – so all of our [2] readers can check out your site. Nice.
  • You have direct access to our photos, via our little Flickr badge in the right sidebar. We know we suck at sending out recent photos, so now you can check them out for yourself.
  • We can make lots of extra pages – so let us know what you want to see on the site and we’ll add a new page for it [like the “find us” page at the top].
  • Want to get something off your chest? If you want to post an entry of your own on JT&U, let us know and we’ll set that up for ya.

Alright – happy reading!




3 responses

19 10 2007

good work team!

19 10 2007

Sandy, your blog is such a nice little break in my dissertation writing day! Hope that things are well!

21 10 2007
Sarah Marks


Just wanted to prove that you have more than two readers!

Have a good week!

Sarah Marks

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