mikegrodin (1:22:17 PM): The Golds and Mark Summers were tight

23 08 2007

The title of this posting is provided courtesy of Mike Grodin and is in reference to the early 90s when various members of the Gold family were on Nickelodeon at least every two hours if not more frequently…

…and we are referencing the Golds’ prior television experience as a part of an open challenge I am making to Tayler Gold to make his next television appearance…

Tayler: Click Here

Hint: Slade could take down Nitro any day.

(via the great Deadspin)




2 responses

23 08 2007
Mike Grodin

I bet you Tayler would be at his best making it through that gauntlet where the gladiator is shooting whiffle balls at you from a turret. I could see the gladiator losing him and then Tayler sneaking up from behind and taking him out, Ninja-Style.

23 08 2007

yeah – but you know he’d be hiding behind a fake rock with his butt sticking out and take a whiffle ball to the ass. but i’m gonna bet on the ninja thing.

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