Even Better the Second Time!

17 08 2007

Alright – admittedly, I’m lame. But! thanks to the advent of the DVR, I’ve been watching Dawson’s Creek – from the beginning. This show was my guilty pleasure for years, but there was one tiny thing that was missing. I thought I’d seen every episode, but it looks like there were a few I missed in the post-Joey & Dawson pre-Joey & Pacey era. And today’s rerun finally filled that little hole. It turns out that they actually did play Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby [arguably one of my favorite songs] over a Joey-themed moment! Yay! Now shut up. I already admitted I was lame.




One response

20 08 2007

Lame? Are you kidding me? Awesome era in TV–Jen cuts her hair dates a younger man, Dawson flirts with others, Joey trys to find herself–AWESOME guilty pleasure-I am with you. Bless TNT for the re-runs!

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