Can You Say Va-jay-jay on a Family Blog?

7 08 2007

Adam and I disagree. I answer this question with a yes. Adam, however, thinks the more appropriate term is moneymaker.

And how, you ask, did the topic of anatomical terms on the blog come to be? Well, yesterday, I attended a spinning class. Worst. Idea. Ever. I wanted to quit about 10 seconds into it, but I was too proud to do so. Unimaginable, I know. Other than the obvious sweating and moving that was involved, the absolute worst part of it all was the bicycle seat. About two seconds into the class and I was a) trying to come up with a reason why a sane person would ever partake of this activity, b) mustering a ton of sympathy for Lance Armstrong, and c) wondering how men can go to spinning classes and still maintain a healthy enough sperm count to reproduce. By minute 3, I’m asking my fellow classmates how the seemingly granite bike seat was not affecting them – to which they responded by showing off their nifty padded shorts and padded seat covers…which leads me to the reason I now think cycling is idiotic: Forget the burn in the quads and the ache of one’s back from leaning over the low handlebars – why on earth does Schwinn even make a bike seat so hard that you have to sit on two layers just to ride one for 45 minutes?

I know – who is this person who is attempting exercise and what have you done with Sandy? That’s a whole topic in itself. I’m trying to exercise, and that’s really about it. But cycling you ask? Well, that was an accident. I tried to go to a jump roping class at the YMCA, but the instructor dude bailed and spinning was getting ready to start next door…so I jumped on a bike and gave it a try. NEVER again. Biking’s for suckers.




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9 08 2007


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