5 08 2007

So for those of you who still had a doubt, I am officially the nerdiest of all nerds. I have just rediscovered the coolest place ever on the planet – or at least in Alexandria – or at least on Duke Street: the public library. Last time I was there [a couple of years ago] is seemed all icky and cobwebby – not to mention way old fashioned. It may as well have been the east wing of the JCC circa 1987. But today, my friends – well, that has all changed. Granted, it’s not as kick-ass as the new Shirlington library looks from the outside – but it now has a huge online catalog and downloadable mp3s available to me online! Joy! Even though I’m still working on Assassination Vacation, I checked out Steve Martin’s Shopgirl for a light read. Next up is the Harry Potter series and The Golden Compass – for free! Woo hoo!

Click here to see what I’m reading lately on GoodReads.




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