I Still Got It.

1 08 2007

I went to the new Harris Teeter on Rte. 1 today and so got hit on by a big African American dude in a hair net.

Actually, it was more like a father-in-the-labor-room-at-the-hospital-type shower cap thing. Either way, the guy’s name was Marcus and he was a super nice rep from some chicken company, there for the grand opening of the store. It was sort of amazing, too, ’cause I was dressed like I just rolled out of bed, was covered in Ted hair, and looked nasty. He introduced himself, tried to get me to buy chicken, talked to me a two or three times about random stuff, and then went away – returning only after removing the shower cappy thing. He followed me half way down the aisle and then tested the water by saying something like “Looks like you and your boyfriend will be eating well this weekend.” I didn’t know what to say, so I was just like “Yeah,” and then [ran away] made a polite exit.

Whatever – everyone that worked at the store was being extra friendly since the store’s only been open for like 2 days – they probably told the male employees and vendors to be extra complimentary to the crumpled-looking women with lots of food in their carts. Maybe Adam’s right and I shouldn’t talk to strangers.




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