What Adam’s Dog Did.

3 07 2007

He’s been an angel for so many months now…we should have anticipated it. Sometime between when Adam left the house this morning and I woke up, Teddy must have had a breakdown – and a very quiet one, at that. When I opened the bedroom door, he was pretending to be asleep in the hallway. He does this when he doesn’t want to move, but knows you’re going to ask him to do just that. This alarmed me, so I got down and stroked his furry face and let him know that everything was ok. I love waking up to him.

As I made my way downstairs, I heard the very hurried click-click-click of his little nails carrying him into the guest bedroom – and another alarm sounded in my head. When I got to the bottom step, this is what I saw:

No, meanies, this is not the usual state of our living room. Teddy got into the trash can and lovingly dragged its contents all over the main floor of the house – an early morning olfactory treat for me. Looks like he left no surface untouched, either. My assumption was that we, in our infinite laziness, must have left a bag of garbage tied up next to the can – which is not the case, as indicated by Exhibit C, to the right.

At the site of all of this, I yelled “TEDDDDDDDY!” and heard an immediate thump upstairs…Teddy trying to hide by squeezing himself under the guest bed. Once I dragged him downstairs to his room, obviously ashamed, Ted took up residence under the desk, where he licked my toes in repentance. Damn dog.

Confronted with all of the above, Jack Bauer was no more interested than he was surprised.

Fellow dog people, please tell us we’re not alone. Is this the worst “trash-strewn-about incident” you’ve seen?



3 responses

3 07 2007

It’s obvious Teddy is just bewildered that I left.

3 07 2007

hee. lyle’s never done anything like that. he did eat a bowl of apricots though…

4 07 2007

Matzoh wants lessons on how to decorate like that

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