Robbers Are Mean.

11 06 2007

Guess who’s going to start locking the front door? Yep, your friendly neighborhood victims of crime – us. Adam rushed out the door this morning to get to work, only to find that the Honda’s passenger side window had been bashed in, and “stuff” had been removed. We assume this happened late last night – but, probably so enthralled with the Sopranos, we didn’t hear a thing. Interestingly, neither did Teddy, who is startled by his own farts. The weird thing is, the alarm didn’t sound – which is really odd because it has such a quick trigger, we often set it off by accident – much to our neighbors’ dismay.

<– Oh, the irony. A list of stuff stolen:

Adam’s iPod (the original huge one I got Adam right when they came out)

The $80 digital FM transmitter for the iPod

An adapter that lets you plug a million things into the lighter

$300 cash from the yard sale I had a few weeks ago. (We brought the cash on vacation with us and didn’t wind up spending it. We’d forgotten it was buried in the bottom of the console.)

What wasn’t taken or damaged? Our EZ Pass, Adam’s FedEx Field credential (thank goodness it said “2006” on it – they probably thought it was expired), and, of course, our bodies. I’m glad this happened while sugarplums danced in our heads, instead of at a red light, you know? Better that it happened to the car and not to us.

The really sucky thing is that, while we lost about $1,000 when you consider the stolen stuff and the window repair, filing a claim doesn’t make any sense. The car window is covered by our auto insurance, and the rest falls under home owner’s insurance. So it’s actually more expensive to pay 2 deductibles than it is to replace everything ourselves. See what I mean? Robbers are mean. They wanted an iPod so badly that WE lose $1,000.

Only upsides: Chuck & Becky’s cars are fine, as is the Prius, which had a ton of stuff (like printers, etc.) in it left over from the yard sale – and it turns out Alexandria has an actual CSI unit, which dusted down the car. Awesome.




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