4 06 2007

So Hillary’s having a huge block party/street festival at 11th & H on Wednesday from 5pm to 7 or 8 pm. There will be food, booths and games for kids, and live music. Babyface and Katharine McPhee from American Idol are performing! …and Maya Angelou, Madeleine Albright, Billie Jean King, and a bunch of other awesome women will be there, too.

I’ll be volunteering at the event – woo hoo! It’s important to me for many reasons, but here are two somewhere at the top of my list:

1. This event is going to be the largest gathering of women in the area. Men are obviously welcomed, but it’s a group of women putting it together and reaching out to other women. That’s a big deal to me because only somewhere around 25% of political money is donated by women – which is horrifically low. Whether we like it or not, money earns power in the form of a seat at the table. And right now, men hold a lot more of it that we do. Having thousands of women buy tickets to this event means that women are buying themselves political capital – and that’s a big deal to me.

2. Kids go for free. Many people – Dems, obviously, but also Republicans – are bringing their kids to this event. Not necessarily because they support Hillary (although many do), but because they want their kids to see first-hand what a strong female candidate for “the highest office ever” looks like. The idea that people can put aside ideology in order to make sure that their children know that girls can do anything really invigorates me. Plus, I think it’s really incredible that the children at the event won’t grow up in a time where the idea of a woman running for president is out of the ordinary.

The sucky part is that I told the Clinton campaign I’d sell 10 tickets and then I went out of town for a week, got side tracked with family stuff, and let my commitment to the campaign go to hell! I need to sell 10 more tickets to the block party! Any takers?! I’m freaking out. It costs $20 for adults and kids under 18 get in for free! It’s metro accessible and there’s a parking garage right at the site! You can call or email me for tickets or to make a donation instead of going.

You can try to get tix on the website, but it’s screwy. Go to If you’ve never been to the site before, it might redirect you to a splash page asking you to sign up. If so, click “skip this” – and it will take you to the campaign homepage. Go back up to the address in the nav bar (which will say and add /makinghistory to the end of it. Whether you have to do that or not, be sure to choose my name from the drop down list on the online form!

Call me or email me if you want to go, know someone I can convince to buy a ticket from me, need a ride, are compelled to contribute, or just want to save my behind!




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