Stuff I’d Call Becky About If She Was Home.

21 05 2007

Sunday – 11am: Abigail confronted Adam about Teddy! I knew she was pissed at us on Saturday morning after Ted spent the whole night chasing Jack and PIERCING every atom in the house with his barking. In all fairness, I was up all night and he really thought he was protecting me. He was just confused. Anyway, the highlight of the conversation was when she told Adam we should buy her a sound machine! Hilarious. Ad and I want to know if they have sound machines that make kitchen remodeling noises, since that seems to be her thing.

Sunday – 1pm: Do you have any Sprite?

Monday – 1:37pm: I have some enormous yummy strawberries just wasting away in my fridge. Wanna blend them into something? And I’ve got a million things to do. Want to help me procrastinate by walking?

…to be continued…




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