Capetown Might Need More Attractions.

20 04 2007
My parents travel a lot. They’ve been just about everywhere. I guess when you travel that much you run out of interesting things to see. Here is a chat I just had with my mother:

pzissman: Hi Adam are you there

Adam: hi

how is the trip?

pzissman: We are in Capetown and having a great time. Did you know that the water drains in the sink in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. Just a bit of trivia

Adam: i did know that…i hope that isn’t the most interesting part of your vacation!




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21 04 2007
Mommy and Tootsie Roll

Okay, I can’t see the pertinent part of this conversation, but I am guessing that it is about the way toilets flush. But it is actually not true! It is fake trivia! I heard it once too, and actually looked it up. In a perfect world, this would be true, except toilets flush the way the water is pushed by the toilet, and not really just from gravity. Let your mom know.

22 04 2007

gotta trust the civil engineer on this one. sorry, mom.

23 04 2007
Mommy and Tootsie Roll

As an update to my earlier post, because I am a dork like that:

15 05 2007

I never said the toilet flushes backward I said the sink drains backward. Also they stir their coffee counterclockwise.

15 05 2007

So I read the scientific explanation but it certainly “looked” like it was going backwards-power of suggestion. But they REALLY do stir their coffee counterclockwise.

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