Kites Are Cool.

31 03 2007

Last night, we met Steve and Laura down at the obviously classy US Bowl for some awesome cosmic bowling action. Now there’s something we haven’t done since like 1993. It was weird – neither of us are great bowlers, but we were good last night! Adam got a turkey and even I broke 100! Maybe bowling proficiency is directly related to height. Can you believe it costs $75 for 4 people to play 3 games?! We were shocked – I guess it really HAS been a long time…but, they DID play Millennium Hip Hop Party and a little boy named Tobias DID teach Laura how to do the worm on the icky bowling alley carpet, so I guess it was worth it.

This morning (lunchtime), we met Kerry, Shaun (finally), and Baby Fi in the hood for some muffins and house hunting chatter. Which reminds me – I need to post some pics of Fiona from about a month ago. Check back for those – I know a few people are dying to see a pic.

And then we were off to the kite festival on the National Mall, which is part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Teddy was the darling of the capital of America. Seriously, we lost count of how many people asked about his breed and/or wanted to pet him. Lots of people (and little kids) came running over to us – and the ones that didn’t approach us could be heard talking about him or dogs, in general. He’s such a ham in public!

Here’s Ted in front of the Washington Monument – where we sat to watch the kite Hot Tricks competition and the Rokkaku Challenge. The Rokkaku thing was really cool – the kites battle each other and try to saw each other’s strings apart to take them down. Sounds mean, but definitely fun to watch.

Only regret about the weekend so far: We have to miss Dave Ravikoff’s party tonight:(




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