Little Anand.

14 03 2007

Adam is making fun of me because I love Sunjaya Malakar. I get that his hair was absolutely ridiculous tonight – and, coupled with his earrings (yes, one in each ear), he was giving off a sort of Shirley Temple / Little Orphan Annie / Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie vibe. Problem is, he reminds me of a tiny version of my friend, Anand – so I’m in love. He’s not THAT bad!!! He’s just shy and sings softly!!! There is something so gentle and sweet about him AND his voice, dammit. I love him. Sorry. I hope to earn back your respect someday.

Shirley Temple

I wish I could find a pic of Tom Wilkinson as Roy Applewood wearing earrings in that movie Normal.




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