Schizophrenic Weather Righting Itself.

22 01 2007

So we’ve already discussed the fact that the weather here has been insane – in the 70s during the month of January. Surely a polar icecap and a polar bear or two sacrificed themselves for it. Just last week, Mom & Jim visited and, although it was a little chilly, we spent a lot of time playing with Ted outside in the back yard.

Well, folks – it looks like Mother Earth is back on her estrogen. It snowed yesterday! Of course, I find this to be nightmarish. Adam, who – by the way – is battling a decent-sized head cold, is elated. He couldn’t wait to spend his first snowy day with Teddy – even if it meant prolonging his illness. So here’s Ted gathering snowflakes. Adam took him outside to see if anything would stick to him…answer: yes. If you look closely, you can see the “accumulation” on his fur. And he seems to REALLY love the snow. We can’t get him to go to the bathroom because, as soon as he gets outside, he gets distracted by the snow gathered at the doorstep and stops to eat it! In fact, he’s so intrigued, he won’t let me shut the front door – he just wants to sit and keep his eye on the white fluffiness. Actually, he’d rather sit there and shiver than move, so I covered him with a beach towel, which made him happy.

In other news, Jack and Ted still aren’t the best friends we thought they might be. It turns out that Teddy was just exhausted on that day I posted my little “hallelujah” to their friendship. They’re not killing each other – in fact, Jack’s bravery only grows stronger and he’s spending more and more time downstairs. Sometimes Ted charges at him, sometimes he ignores him. It’s pretty touch and go lately. My camera cord just died, so I’ll post a recent pic of Jack Bauer in HD later or tomorrow.




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