Best News Ever.

20 01 2007

Click on this to watch her announcement:

Once the campaign puts it up on YouTube, I’ll post the actual video here.

In all my years in DC, I’ve never reached out to friends and family for votes or contributions – mostly because when I finally did, I wanted it to be meaningful – and mostly because I wanted to use whatever earning power I might have for Hillary. So, if you see what I see in her – or if you just want to see a hell of a fight next fall with some really vigorous debates and some bright and intelligent discussions – drop some cash her way. Here’s a link where you contribute that will link your donation back to my network: Please feel free to pass it on to everyone you know!

Also, check out:
Washington Post




One response

22 01 2007

I was struck how touched I was by the announcement, even though I knew it was coming. The idea of a wholly credible woman candidate is just so incredibly powerful. And I hope you get a chance to be part of the rising tide!

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