Mountain Man Ted.

19 01 2007

Teddy climbs! We took him out to Great Falls a couple of Saturdays ago when the temperature hit 71 degrees! (Thanks, global warming!) We climbed all over the place, trying to get close to the rapids, and Teddy’s instincts kicked in – it was amazing. He navigated some areas we couldn’t even get into! Looks like he’s got climbing in his doggy blood. When he got tired, he took a little spill and landed on a little tree! The tree scored some points by ripping out a little bit of fur, but, ultimately, Ted was a champ.

The next day, we took him to Mason Neck State Park with Chuck, Becky, the twins, and Rommie (the dog). We think this was his first time in the water! It wasn’t very deep and he seemed to just want to chase Rommie and was less interested in thrashing around and playing in the water – but he definitely had a great time! As soon as we got him home (and bathed!), he was out cold.




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