27 12 2006
You’ll never believe it! Jack and Ted BOTH hung out with me and ignored watch other all day long! Adam and I returned home from Florida this morning. I dropped Ad at his office and went home to see Jack (I always miss him a lot) and get all of our luggage out of the car so that Teddy would fit when I went to pick him up from Your Dog’s Best Friends. Jack must have missed me, too – he was all over me for at least half an hour, headbutting me like crazy! He had the whole house to himself for almost a week and it looks like he spent a lot of time downstairs reclaiming his house!

I went over to YDBF, where Ted greeted me with a ton of energy – of course! I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t more affectionate. In the two days right before we left for Florida, Teddy had become really affectionate and loving toward me…I felt like he was finally starting to love me back, making all of the crap that comes with dog ownership seem like nothing! I knew that dropping him off at “camp” for 5 days wouldn’t encourage that, but it had to be done.

When we got home, I just decided that it was time to make this work. I knew that Jack was feeling really confident and that Teddy must be exhausted (apparently there were over 70 staying with him – and remember, this is a cageless kennel, so he probably ran around and played for 120 hours). Ted barked at Jack, who held his ground. They growled and hissed and did their usual dance. I stayed super calm and relaxed. Eventually, Ted just sort of lost interest! Tired from our EARLY morning flight, I even took a nap on the sofa with Jack while Ted slept on the floor nearby.

They were definitely aware of one another, but Teddy just seemed too tired to care and Jack stayed pretty relaxed, yet cautious.

Realizing that once Ted regains his energy they may revert, I took some photos to prove I didn’t dream this up! It all started with a little confrontation. By the time the sun went down, they just looked at each other more than anything else.

Below you’ll see Jack staying pretty alert, while Ted shows us his boredom with the whole thing.

It’s just so nice to sit here with both of them without worrying about Ted knocking over a baby gate and attacking Jack. It’s so nice that our adorable cat is free at last!

Keep your fingers crossed – we’ll see how tomorrow goes!



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