8 11 2006

So early in the day it came out that the Republican candidates for Maryland Governor and Senate collectively bussed in homeless people from Delaware and Philly and had them hand out sample “Democratic” ballots in a predominantly African-American district showing them as the Democratic candidates. Unreal. I had actually not minded the gubernatorial candidate, who was the incumbent, because I thought he had done a decent job.

That was nothing compared to Virginia, though. I guess it was expected, but it is embarrassing that in the home state of the Bill of Rights’ biggest proponent, today the Virginia electorate (of which I am now a member) voted to amend the state constitution to say that only a man can marry a woman. I’ve never understood this issue. I just heard that 30% of Democrats voted for this amendment. Huh? I’m convinced that this issue is our generation’s Plessy v. Ferguson and that ain’t a compliment.





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