Sandy’s Take: He was Robbed.

27 10 2006

So the really cool news is that the last round of David’s contest was aired LIVE on the CBS early show this morning! It was so cool! There was David – right there on our TV screen! The bad news is that the questions were crap! They showed the contestants photos of “celebrities” and made them buzz in to identify them – which is where Team Zissman ran into some problems. First of all, it was clear that the contestants could barely see the photos…and second, WHO WERE THOSE PEOPLE?! Adam and Teddy and I tried to play along and send good joojoo David’s way. But some of those so-called “celebrities” were pretty obscure, even to us – and we could at least see them clearly!

The other contestant got the first two of them right away (James Gandolfini and MaryKate Olsen) – David fired back with Heather Locklear – and then neither of them answered the rest! How on earth could it have been a good list and a good set up if the top two contestants from this round of the trivia contest didn’t get any of the answers on this list? (here are the rest of the celebs shown…)

David Bekham – his hair changes too often – and I only recognize him when he stands next to Posh Spice
Bill Pullman – loved him in Airplane and Spaceballs – but I haven’t seen him since. I think he might have been in some terrible Sandra Bullock movie in the early ’90s. How did he make the list in this 2006 competition?
Joey Lawrence – again – they showed a photo of the GUY FROM BLOSSOM (!?!) with a bald head on a screen 30 feet away. The dude is irrelevant.
Venus Williams – She, too, was wearing fake/unrecognizable hair
Danny Bonaducci – again with the relevance to 2006!
Diane Keaton – should I keep going?

David and Linda (arch nemesis) didn’t even realize how much time was left on the clock. Whatever. So Linda won and David got robbed. We all know that David could’ve kicked her ass (sorry family, but there’s no other way to say it) had conditions been appropriate. He’d have had that in the bag.

Anyway – congrats to David for being the first Zissman (to my knowledge) on live national television – and for doing so incredibly well in this whole Gold Rush thing! Everyone’s always noted his ability to become a crazy fountain of answers and now his talent has been confirmed by AOL, the great city of Minneapolis, and CBS.

CONGRATS! This was so much fun!




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