Win the Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai.

25 10 2006

I don’t expect anyone to understand the title of this (it’s a stretch even for those who do get it).

Anyway…quick GoldRush update!

They’ve posted the people David is competing against interview with our main main. See it all here.

And sure enough David’s mad Monopoly skillz helped him proceed this far. If he wins, I’m making him pay me off to keep me from telling Monopoly stories from back in the day. Just kidding.

We’re sure that you are kicking butt, David — keep it up.





2 responses

25 10 2006

Thanks for keeping us updated. This is just crazy enough that he might do it. It’s so wierd that nobody has heard from him and we don’t know when we are going to see him.

29 10 2006

Hey guys thanks for blogging me. I got the gold digger reference and thought it was funny

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