My brother knows more than you.

25 10 2006

So some would say that the sole purpose of this post is to share in the potential winnings, but I seriously and unselfishly want to ask everyone that reads this to send all of your trivia karma towards my brother David as he attempts to win $100,000 this week and potentially $1,000,000 down the road.

You see, David is currently being sequestered somewhere in Minneapolis as one of three finalists in “round 11” of AOL’s “Goldrush” online trivia game. David knows more about random trivia stuff than anyone I know and was engineered for this type of contest, so I have full faith in him. Plus, he is using our sister Judith as a lifeline and since she has read every book ever written (seriously — look here), she should be able to help out if he needs it.

Anyways, our family has yet another internet star (Judith’s 15 minutes can be found by going to Google and typing in “lost camera”) and we are sure he will kick do well.

Trying to drive readership by piggy-backing on his fame, the Orlando Sentinel has even covered this: Read it here.

In the meantime, best of luck to David. Bring home the money.

By the way, yesterday I predicted that “Theodore Geisel” would be an answer he
needs. Just a hunch.

Go David!




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