Introducing Ted Theodore Logan

4 09 2006
It’s official! Teddy is home! …and he’s the best! He’s ENORMOUS and sloppy and adorable.

He’s really powerful – so much so that we had to get a special leash called a gentle leader so that I could walk him. He was dragging me all over the place!

We brought him home on Friday night and have been taking him out for a lot of walks. It seems like every family in our neighborhood has a dog, so he’s had lots of company. Everywhere we go, Teddy makes a new dog friend.

Yesterday, he played with our neighbor’s golden retriever, Dawson. They got pretty rowdy – and managed to break their kids’ badminton set. Great. Somehow I think that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Teddy had a really busy day today. He met a bunch of dogs on his morning walk to Mancini’s, hung out with the Kotuby twins (at left) and their dog Rommel in their back yard, ate squirrels from the Dairy Godmother, and went for a little run in the evening.

This afternoon, Adam and I tried to get him interested in a frisbee – which seemed like a good idea at the time. He got REALLY excited after the 4th or 5th throw and decided to jump, getting about 3 feet of air, and tackle me. Ouch. Later, he accidentally head butted me in the face and bloodied my lip. I was considering posting a photo, but I’ll spare you. He has NO idea how big he is! He’s tried sitting in Adam’s lap a few times – he really thinks he’s a tiny puppy!

Right now he’s out cold on the living room floor, warming our feet.

And then there’s Jack Bauer.

Fearless Jack has turned out to be a fraidy cat. He’s spent the past two days in our bed. He doesn’t seem too stressed out – but he is pretty curious about Ted. He’s ventured downstairs a few times and has excited Teddy – but has ultimately run back up the steps every time.

He got really gutsy about an hour ago and leapt over the baby gate we have protecting the stairs and crept up next to Teddy while he was sleeping. Teddy woke up, looked at Jack, put his head back down, opened his eyes again – realized he wasn’t dreaming – and sprang into action! Hopefully Jack will be brave enough to try again tomorrow!

I really hope Jack can muster enough courage to lay open Ted’s nose one good time before Adam and I have to go to work on Tuesday. Their relationship is really the last question mark lingering out there about Teddy’s adoption. We know it will work out, but it’s really heartbreaking in the mean time.

We appreciate the encouragement of Judith, Chuck & Becky, Mike & KaraAnne, Katherine & Rob, and Becca & Brad.




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